Top 3 Trends in Bohemian Fashion Style in 2020

Top 3 Trends in Bohemian Fashion Style in 2020

You are about to find out that big and bulky clothing can make your image look free, airy and contemporary – not nerdy, mediocre and boring. We would call Boho or Bohemian style as non-conventionally romantic. Why is that?

The Boho style nowadays is not a hippie, not a gypsy way to dress. It’s some sort of a creative distancing from conventional image-making standards. 

If you are just discovering Boho, we are happy to reveal to you some of the current trending Bohemian styles, and each of them has its features.

1. Boho Classic

Lots of velvet, velour, rustic sort of wool, all kinds of lace, handmade knitted wear, jacquarette and Kashmir (Angora). 

2. Boho Chic

Multilayer chiffon, guipure, flowers, bows, furs. Elegancy, languor, and sophistication!

3. Boho Vintage

Everything natural, vintage, very detailed. It’s Refined and Eco. With this style, Boho Chic gets mixed with Shabby Chick (yep, more to add to Boho diversity) making silky and romantic images.

A usual pleat long skirt to the bottom and an oversized jumper is one of the options to make your base Boho look. Bohemian styled accessories are crucial in making you look Boho. 

You may use heaps of accessories, although they should fit your style. A little bit of vintage, a little bit of chic, a little bit of classic and there you go – a creative image that encompasses your self-expression and creativeness freedom.

But hey, despite the fact it’s a free and easy style, it does require a certain level of taste and beauty. Yep, freedom is the pillar of this style but you have to follow certain rules.

  • Your classic shirt or blouse has to be of a relaxed fit, better have them wide.
  • You can use jeans and pants for your Boho style. Your jeans can be a bit shabby, that’s ok! 
  • South American hats are the way to go for this style. Sundowns or those that fit dressy dresses would better suit the same style of a dress. Well, Boho loves cowboy style, not a hundred percent but there’s a certain hint.
  • A bulky cardigan is a must and is a great way to stand out as Boho. Although the best way to fit this image is lots of jewelry. Wool and heaps of jewelry look stylish and modern.

Those who love light accents for a certain style, you don’t have to go over the top and put on yourself everything that’s ratty and bulky. You might want to try boyfriend jeans, a classic loose shirt, lots of jewelry and a bag with Indian design. That bag will make you look unconventional and standing out. Well, sometimes details are more than enough. Just an authentic bag, lots of jewelry and there you go, you made your unique look!

And yes, Boho has to be liked, loved and understood. If you prefer that strictly classical style but decided to try something new, because many people want it, then most probably you are going to be disappointed. Boho is purely your mindset, your lifestyle.

What’s your Boho combo? Leave your comment down below and let us know about your style.

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